ODEON’s latest addition to their ever-growing chain of specialist luxury cinemas, sits in the north London borough of Islington. Whilst Islington, home of the well-to-do, is clearly like the perfect home for a luxury cinema, this one goes one step further by targeting their audience with laser like focus. “Luxe & Dine”.

Back in October, Caroline Welch, Managing Director of Odeon commented saying:

“Odeon Luxe is the fastest-growing luxury cinema brand in the UK, and we’re delighted to be taking the next step in delivering the ultimate cinema experience with Odeon Luxe & Dine. It’s everything that our guests already love about the Luxe offering, including luxurious recliner seating, with the addition of our all-new dine-in menu.”

Not content with eating a meal before or after your cinema experience? Then Luxe & Dine has you covered. ODEON explains it as a “premium, dine-in cinema offering” giving guests access to a premium meal and flawless service all from your recliner. Menu items will include butterscotch popcorn, Pic ’n Mix and over-priced Coca Cola. As if. How about Wagyu beef, cornfed chicken washed down with champagne and cocktails.

Probably not one for every day, but definitely a great option for a special occasion with a loved one (or someone you’re looking to impress). Check out film details on it’s listing here

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