The UK is home to hundreds of multiplex cinemas. Literally hundreds (395 to be exact). In a country with such high standards and ever increasing expectations from cinema goers, competition at the very top of the pile can be fierce. This is never more true than determining which venues make the grade to sit in the top 20 multiplex cinemas in the UK.

Most of the UK cinema going audience visits a multiplex (defined as a cinema with 5 or more screens) as their default cinema. There are numerous reasons for this, from offering the best range of mainstream films and times, to having onsite parking that caters helpfully for buggies and wheelchairs but for most people, it’s because there isn’t a huge range of other independent options. Not every town and city are as lucky as London to offer so much variety when it comes to big screen entertainment.

As such, it makes singling out the top 20 best multiplex cinemas, the hardest of all the categories. However below are the cream of the crop when it comes to multiplex cinema venues.