Picturehouse Cinemas

Picturehouse Cinemas is a small network of Arthouse cinemas in the UK, operated by Picturehouse Cinemas Ltd  and owned by the larger Cineworld brand

There are currently 24 Picturehouse Cinema venues, with two more planned for 2019 – they can be found as far North as Edinburgh’s Cameo cinema to Southampton’s Harbour Lights. Many of the Picturehouse Cinema venues are found in London and city centres – this is a result of core audiences for Arthouse cinema and the architecturally unique venues that exemplify the Picturehouse brand.

Picturehouse Cinemas provide comfortable, non-standard seating, café bars, restaurants and live events alongside the traditional movie-going experience. Venues also offer a varied range of films and screenings, from mainstream to Arthouse, Independent, Foreign Film and documentaries which is a key difference to other smaller chains in the UK.

Regular customers can also enjoy the benefits brought from having a Picturehouse membership – a very popular choice for those who only ever visit the same venue. With certain rules around location, you get free tickets, discounts on food, member previews and even more benefits with premium membership once you have been subscribed for over a year.

So why not visit one of these cinemas to watch something not found at your local multiplex and to enjoy a different type of venue?

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