Omniplex Cinemas

Ireland’s largest multiplex cinema brand, Omniplex Cinemas was founded in 1991 and owns 28 cinemas,13 in the Republic of Ireland and 15 cinemas in Northern Ireland.

Operating cinemas in both Northern and Republic Of Ireland, Omniplex is a well liked cinema brand by Irish audiences.  Predominantly found on out of town retail and leisure parks, showing a mainstream film programme, Omniplex Cinemas offer the industry standard in digital projection and experience. They also run a loyalty scheme called MyOmniplex that gets 10% off all bookings, any format, any day for all customers which regulars maximise.

As part of a large refurbishment project, many of the Omniplex Cinemas are now undergoing renovation to bring older venues up to date. This includes the installation of OmniplexMAXX screens – the chain’s version of IMAX and Superscreen projection. With luxury leather rocker seats, Dolby Amos sound technology and fantastic visuals, it’s worth checking out the latest Hollywood blockbuster in these freshly kitted out auditoriums.

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