IMC Cinemas

Irish Multiplex Cinemas or “IMC Cinemas” is an Irish multiplex chain, founded in 1996. Owner and operator of 20 cinemas in Ireland, IMC owns the oldest operational cinema in Dublin, the Savoy on O’Connell street. It’s in this cinema that the majority of Irish film premieres take place so is a great place to visit to see their favourite actor or actress on the red carpet!

A typical IMC cinema has between 5 and ten screens and shows a mainstream film programme alongside live event cinema. With discounts for kids and teen clubs, accessible screenings for disabled customers, 3D digital projection and VIP seating in most venues, it’s a popular choice of cinema for many families.

Watch out for the range of discounts available in IMC cinemas – they offer regular student offers, meal deals and super savings which can all help when wanting to go regularly to your local cinema.

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