Everyman Cinemas

Everyman Cinemas is a small, luxury cinema chain, founded in 2000. With 21 UK venues, all offering between 1 and 5 screens, Everyman Cinemas are known for their independent approach to venues, refurbishing historic buildings, building unique new theatres and offering a lifestyle approach to the cinema experience.

This means that customers can enjoy a wide programme of film and event cinema in every venue, a licensed bar and hot food in every venue, and luxury seating in every venue. Not forgetting their very popular membership options too! A little different to other chains, you pay for the year and it’s based on how much you adore going to the cinema, one to consider if you go to the pictures every Friday night.

Ticket prices tend to be a little higher than your average cinema ticket price but with improvements in facilities, seating and atmosphere – audiences seem very happy to pay a little more for this experience.

With venues now found north of the M25, more of the UK can begin to enjoy the Everyman experience for their next cinema visit. Watch out for the Lincoln, Durham and Edinburgh sites opening in 2019!

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