Empire Cinemas

Empire Cinemas is a small multiplex chain, founded in 2005 and owner of 14 venues. These sites can be found in England and Scotland, with most cinemas offering over 7 screens. Originally founded from the famous Empire Cinema in Leicester Square, the company has seen many changes of ownership – numerous cinemas have switched hands between Empire, Odeon and Cineworld as and when companies have been bought and sold.

As such, the original Empire Cinema in Leicester Square, whilst still branded and known as Empire, is actually owned and run by Cineworld!

Empire Cinemas also have interests in publishing with the Empire film magazine and Showcase also owned by the same company. However for most cinema goers, they are well known and respected for being a leading independently-owned cinema chain. Facilities in Empire Cinemas include IMAX screens,  stadium seating, accessible screenings for disabled customers, a varied film programme including live event cinema and Arthouse classics and 3D projection.

Empire have also begun to invest in IMPACT screens and D-Box seating in order to give audiences the next level of cinematic experience. For more information on each cinema or where your nearest Empire cinema is located, have a look at the map below.

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