Are you a cinema fanatic? Fantastic! You’re one of us and we need your help.

While we’ve made a huge amount of progress in developing to the point where we hope people find it useful and interesting, there’s still a ton more work to do. Here are just a few ways you can help us make it even bigger and better.

1. Uploading awesome photos of your local cinema

We currently have default images for roughly 50% of all cinemas in the UK. Some of these (particularly those around London) we have taken ourselves, others we have relied on photos published online with the right creative commons licence, particularly that were submitted to the Wikimedia Commons, but there are still quite a lot missing.

What you need to do.

Have a browse of your local cinemas and see if they all have photos. If not, why not take the opportunity to take a visit and snap some photos?

  • To upload photos click the “Add Photos” button, above the “Write a Review” button, at the top of the Cinema page.
  • Click “Choose Files” and browse to your photos
  • Please resize your photos before upload. Photos shouldn’t be any wider than 1920 pixels wide, should be in the JPEG file format and should preferably be landscape orientation.

2. Leave an honest review of your last cinema visit

Now is your time to be bold. We need to know what you honestly thought of your last cinema visit. No matter if it was fantastic, abysmal or just incredibly average, all of this information helps future visitors and provides useful feedback for how these cinemas should improve. As these reviews build up the average score gets more accurate, and we can start to pinpoint the Top 50 cinemas in the country.

What you need to do.

Next time you visit your local cinema, really think about Picture, Sound, Cleanliness, Friendliness and Overall Experience. Then do the following.

  • Find that cinema page
  • Click the “Leave a Review” button
  • Complete your details and ratings, then hit submit!